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These instructions are for Windows users (Windows PC and Mac using Bootcamp/Windows)

Click here for Mac OSX instructions

Click here for FL Studio in-application registration <-- this is the simplest method for FL Studio
Click here for Deckadance Windows registration instructions

This procedure assumes that you already have registered and have an Image-Line Account and you have downloaded and installed the relevant product/s. This procedure will unlock ALL your products with one FLRegkey.Reg file. When you buyadditional products you will need to repeat this process.
There are two ways to unlock all Image-Line programs on your computer:
I. Manual regcode installation

Step-by-step video here

How to know you have the correct FL Studio version registered?

II. Automatic regcode installation
Open the program IL Download Manager: Start menu > Programs > Image-Line > IL Download Manager

If you don't have this program installed, you can download it from your user account page. It can be found under My licenses > Content Library - IL Downloader.