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These instructions are for Windows users (Windows PC and Mac using Bootcamp/Windows)

Click here for Mac OSX instructions
Click here for FL Studio in-application registration <-- this is the simplest method for FL Studio
Click here for Deckadance Windows registration instructions

This procedure assumes that you already have registered and have an
Image-Line Account and you have downloaded and installed the relevant product/s. This procedure will unlock ALL your products with one FLRegkey.Reg file. When you buy additional products you will need to repeat this process.

There are two ways to unlock all Image-Line programs on your computer:

I. Manual regcode installation

Step-by-step video here

How to know you have the correct FL Studio version registered?

II. Automatic regcode installation

Open the program IL Download Manager: Start menu > Programs > Image-Line > IL Download Manager

If you don't have this program installed, you can download it from your user account page. It can be found under My licenses > Content Library - IL Downloader.