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IL Virtual Cash is a currency that can be used to buy products from our web shop at the following rate:
1 IL Virtual Cash $ = 1 USD

  • IL Virtual Cash can either be earned by participating to our Affiliate program. This program allows you to act as a reseller of our software and earn a commission for each sale and have it paid out to your PayPal account or use it to buy more of our products.

  • IL Virtual Cash can also be purchased from our web shop. The advantage here purchase are very easy & fast when done with IL Virtual Cash as your payment method. So, you can add to your IL Virtual Cash balance the next time you order something from our web shop by adding the 'IL Virtual Cash Deposit' product to your cart and define the amount you want to buy. Then you can use this balance at any time to do an easy fast sale from our web shop.

  • The third way to obtain IL Virtual Cash is by activating a gift certificate . You can ask your friends or family to buy you a gift certificate. When you collect this gift certificate, the equivalent value will be added to your IL Virtual Cash (purchased) balance.

  • Finally, IL Virtual Cash is sometimes included in certain Boxed products and can be added to your account by using the enclosed coupon or by simply registering the product.

IL Virtual Cash exists in 2 forms:

IL Virtual Cash.
The Virtual Cash is purchased in our web shop or added using a gift certificate. This IL Virtual Cash can only be used in our web shop to order software from us. This category also includes IL Virtual Cash included with Boxed products and Coupons.

Earned IL Virtual Cash.
The Virtual Cash is earned by promoting our software using the Affiliate program. This IL Virtual Cash can be used in our web shop or payed out to you using PayPal.

IL Virtual Cash stays active in your 'my account' page. There is NO time restriction on using IL Virtual Cash.

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