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By using our Affiliate Program you can earn 20% on all new customer sales you bring in AND you can offer your 'affiliate customers' a 10% reduction on what they buy.

All you need to do is ask them to order through your Affiliate link found in the Affiliate / IL Virtual Cash section of your Image-Line account.

Rules and limitations:


  1. Affiliate links are only assigned to Image-Line customers who have been registered for at least 6 months.
  2. The Affiliate Program applies only to new customers. That is, people making a first-time order through our website and who do not yet have any products registered to their account. Orders made from an affiliate link by existing Image-Line customers will be rejected and reward funds reclaimed.
  3. The minimum pre-discounted value of the order must be least $89 USD. 
  4. Affiliate earnings are calculated on the product price excluding VAT/Tax and minus the 10% discount.
  5. Image-Line retains the right to stop the Affiliate Program at any time or to change the reward values. Changes will not apply retrospectively and we will distribute all legally acquired funds as part of an Affiliate program shut-down.




  • Your friend buys Producer edition and pays: $199 USD - 10% = $180 USD

    You will earn: $180 USD x 20% = $36 USD

  • Another friend buys the Signature bundle and pays: 299$ - 10% = 270$

    You earn: 270$ x 20% = 54$


So, if you encourage 6 of your friends/webvistors to order FL Studio Signature bundle using your affiliate link, you'll have paid for your own FL Studio Signature bundle, for free.

Artwork & Websites

If you are in need of artwork to illustrate our software, please check here. Any website using an affiliate link should NOT be easily mistaken for an official Image-Line Website. The link should be proceeded by the following text "As an Image-Line Affiliate we can offer you a 10% discount when you buy any version of FL Studio in the official Image-Line store".  Please note the live link on 'Affiliate'.

Payment of rewarded Affiliate funds:

The funds you make with this Affiliate Program will be turned into IL Virtual Cash. This can be used in our shop or paid to a PayPal account (please note we charge a fixed fee of $10 per withdrawal).

The Image-Line Marketing Team.