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Posting on the forums...

Forum posting privileges are ONLY available to customers. That is, people who have purchased something from us. Before you can post in the forums you must login to your Image-Line Account AND have already set a forum-name.

If you have an account, sign in here
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Forum Availability 
If you are not a customer, that is, you have not purchased anything from us, you will have READ ONLY access to the forums. This means that you will have no posting privileges. We do this because we have over 30,000 people who download and install the FL Studio demo daily. We can't possibly hope to support this number of people asking questions on our forums. In order to provide better support for our customers we must limit access to those who have purchased our software.

If you're interested in having access to the forums and product supportyou can purchase our products directly from our online shop or one of our box distributors.

Please note, that the forum is not used for technical support anymore.
Support was migrated to our ticketing system, more info on the product support knowledge base article.
Forum Posting

As soon as you have full forum access, you find the button to create a new post at the top right.

Image-Line Support Team