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IL Virtual Cash is money-equivalent credit to buy products from our web shop. 1 IL Virtual Cash $ = 1 USD. You can get IL VCash in a number of ways:
  • Purchase it - from our web shop. Add it to your IL Virtual Cash balance, next time you order something from our web shop,  with the 'IL Virtual Cash Deposit' product and set the amount you want to buy. Then you can use it at any time to make a quick purchase.
  • Gift it - by registering a gift certificate . Ask your friends or family to buy you a gift certificate for your next gift. The value of the certificate will be added to your IL Virtual Cash (purchased) balance.
  • Box it - IL Virtual Cash is sometimes included in Boxed products and can be added to your account by using the enclosed coupon or by simply registering the product.
  • Win it - IL VCash is often given as a prize in competitions.


Purchased IL Virtual Cash - The Virtual Cash is purchased in our web shop or added using a gift certificate. This IL Virtual Cash can only be used in our web shop to order software from us. This category also includes IL Virtual Cash included with Boxed products and Coupons.

IL VCash stays active in your 'my account' page. There is NO time restriction on using IL VCash, it does not expire.
How do I use IL VCash?
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