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As many websites out there, some parts of our website also require Javascript to be enabled to run properly (eg. our shop & the 'My Account' section requires Javascript to run properly).

Here is how you can enable Javascript for the most common used webbrowsers:

- Internet Explorer
- FireFox
- Google Chrome

- Opera

JavaScript is a programming language that most web browsers support.

Rather than just displaying text and pictures, web pages can now "do" things. A popular example is GMail's web interface, which makes heavy use of JavaScript to present a very complete and functional email program - all in a web page.

Now, JavaScript operates in a "sandbox" - meaning it can only operate within that sandbox, and not outside of it. JavaScript is an interpreted language, which among many other things means that each operation a JavaScript program attempts to perform can be restricted by the JavaScript interpreter. In theory, and in practice most of the time, this prevents a JavaScript program from doing anything harmfully to your computer.


In other words, JavaScript is safe.