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Download the latest version of FL Studio below. We strongly recommend you use it, that's why we give FL Studio owners Lifetime Free Updates! But if you are old-school and want to retro a little, that's OK with us too. You can download older versions of FL Studio from the links below too:

NOTE: If you buy the latest version of FL Studio, you can unlock versions 9 to 20. Versions 8 and lower won't unlock from trial because the licensing system is different. In this case your original license key will work.



Get samples deleted from newer FL Studio releases here.



FL Studio 20 - Windows - macOS - Download page 


PREVIOUS FL STUDIO INSTALLERS (Windows ONLY installers - no macOS available)

FL Studio 12 - FL Studio version - released December 2017
FL Studio 11 - FL Studio version 11.1.1 - released September 2014

FL Studio 10 - FL Studio version 10.0.9 - released October 2011

FL Studio 9   - FL Studio version 9.1.0 - released February 2010

See how to unlock FL Studio here.


Versions 8 and lower, can no longer be unlocked from your user account.

If you have an older version, update with your 'Lifetime Free Updates' (LFU) or if you don't have LFU it is about USD $39 in our shop. If you have a backup flregkey.reg from one of these versions, it will still work, but we can no longer generate them, otherwise they will work in trial mode.


FL Studio 8 - FL Studio version 8.0.2 - released June 2008

FL Studio 7 - FL Studio version 7.0.2 - released January 2007

FL Studio 6 - FL Studio version 6.0.8 - released January 2006

FL Studio 5 - FL Studio version 5.0.2 - released January 2005

FL Studio 4 - FL Studio version 4.5.2 - released March 2004

FL Studio 4 - FL Studio version 4.1.2 - released July 2003

FL Studio 3 - FL Studio version 3.5.6 - released July 2002

FL Studio 2 - FL Studio version 2.7.1 (zip file, unzip to install) - released September 2000

FL Studio 1 - FL Studio version 1 (zip file, unzip to install) - released December 1997

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