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FL Studio supports VST, ReWire plugins AND our own advanced FL Studio 'native plugin' architecture ...

The FL native format overcomes several  limitations of the VST, VST2, VST3 format adding:

Quick linking of controls and automation.

Right click any knob or slider to:

  • link it to a (midi or internal) controller
  • automate it

Full expressive control

  • per note control (pitch, volume & panning)
  • multiple independent note slides which  are colour coded in the Piano roll

Open Architecture

FL Studio as host program

FL Studio is one of the most open virtual music studios currently available. It natively hosts :

  • FL Studio Plugins
  • VST (1, 2 & 3) Instruments & Effects
  • ReWire clients

FL Studio as plugin/client program

If you want to use your existing sequencer, just plug FL Studio into any host you can find. It works as a multi-out plugin/client :

  • VSTi plugin
  • ReWire client


FL Studio can be loaded and used as a VSTi instrument in a compatible host application.

For example:

  • as VSTi in Cubase, Sonar, Live, ...
  • as Rewire client in Sonar, Live, ...


In this mode the output is sent to the host and the play/stop events and tempo are synchronized.

Control of FL Studio channels and parameters using MIDI messages is also supported.

You can also send each plugin's output to a separate output, if the host supports VSTi plugins with multiple outputs.