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Sometimes IL Discount Coupons can be combined to give a bigger discount. This depends on the conditions associated with the coupons used.

Each IL Discount Coupon states the use conditions:
- Minimum purchase amount.
- If it is limited to specific products or upgrades.
- May apply only to specific products or combinations of products


Where to see the IL Discount Coupon conditions?
- In the email message informing you about the IL Discount Coupon.
- In your 'My Account' home under the "You Have Commercial Offers" section.
- From the top of our web shop page, in the warning box where you see the red text: "PLEASE READ THIS [?]"

How to use Coupons:


Coupons are added at the LAST step before checkout, on the PAYMENT OPTIONS page. After adding a coupon the total will be updated to reflect the discount.


Make sure your my account  'timezone' is entered correct:

All our promotions use your local timezone as refference for the start and end date of a promotion.
In this way, a promotion starts and ends at exactly midnight in your own time zone.

If no timezone is set our servers will use midnight European time (CET) to end a promotion.
When the timezone is entered wrong, your promotion might end sooner than expected for you.

(they can not be used after September 29, 2016)
At some spots online these are still advertised, however this discount information is very outdated.


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