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You made a great song in your FL Studio Educational program, and want to sell it online? Or put the song on YouTube with some adds on it?
This isn't possible, as your educational license does not allow 'for profit' use.



Upgrade your Educational license to a full license.

To upgrade your FL Studio box version, educational license, to an FL Studio commercial license, please follow the below instructions:
1. Register your box serial number here

    -> If your FL Studio box version, educational license, is already activated on your existing 'my account' page then skip this procedure.
2. Sign in to your 'my account' page using your email address and your personal selected password.

3. Buy the upgrade from our web shop: "Upgrade from FL Studio Educational to Full program license"
   (to see this you need to be logged into your account before entering the shop).


The upgrade to full version will be displayed under the 'my licenses' section after purchase.

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