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FL Studio does not start, it doesn't open ...

If  FL Studio does not seem to respond or open when trying to launch it please work through the following list, in this order. You don't need to complete all steps, just try items until FL Studio opens ...


  1. Restart your computer and try to open FL Studio again.
  2. Disable all anti-virus programs and try again. If this is the cause Whitelist FL Studio.
  3. Reset the DPI scaling.
  4. Restart your computer and try a Clean Installation of FL Studio using the latest release.
  5. Reset your FL Studio settings.
  6. Windows - If the User data folder is set to a location inside Program Files, Windows may prevent FL Studio access and so FL Studio will fail to start. Reset the the User data folder to the default location ...\Users\[your computer account]\Documents\Image-Line\. To reset the location; Open the FILE Settings and under the User data folder section click the [Reset] button in-front of the folder icon. 
  7. Windows 10Controlled Folder Access is activated and this is preventing FL Studio accessing the User data folder.  Deactivate it or add FL Studio to the 'Allowed  applications' list.
  8. macOS - The User data folder (in your Documents folder) requires write permissions to be set. Open Systemsettings > Security&Privacy > Privacy > Files and Documents > FL Studio and set a mark at 'Documents Folder' 
  9. macOS - Delete the Auto saved.ncp file from the location: "... Users/(Your Username)/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Settings/Note color presets/Auto saved.ncp"
  10. macOS - Open Finder > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Kill / force-quit the process called 'tccd
  11. Try manually installing the Shared program files.  
  12. MSI and ASUS Motherboards - Check if you have the Nahimic (MSI) or Sonic Studio III (ASUS) audio software installed. Disable or uninstall it.
  13. If you computer is overclocked - Try returning to default settings.  Overclocking can lead to, random, incorrect calculations / execution of instructions on the CPU that causes FL Studio to fail to start.
  14. Audio interface drivers - If you have two drivers installed for the same interface (USB and Thunderbolt for example) this can cause conflicts and prevent FL Studio from starting. Try uninstalling the Thunderbolt driver.  


NOTE: If these options didn't work, please create a support post on our Technical Support (FL Studio & Plugins) forum. Be sure to provide as much information as possible including the exact version of FL Studio you're using, a screenshot of the error message you're receiving, and which of these options you've tried so far.


Image Line Support Team