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What you need to know before upgrading

FL Studio Mobile 3 (FLM3) replaces FL Studio Mobile 2 (FLM2) as part of the normal update process.  

However, FLM3 is not a simple bugfix update of FLM2. It's a completely new application. This includes the user interface, internal architecture and features. We have built FLM 3 around the feature-set you would expect on a modern desktop DAW. 

Starting again meant we took the logical step of incorporating many features and changes that have been suggested by customers over the last 4 years and so redesigning the application. 


Will the Upgrade to FL Studio Moble 3  (FLM3) be free?

Yes, all owners of FL Studio Mobile 2 (old time users or new ones) will be getting the upgrade to FL Studio Mobile 3 for FREE


Why did you replace FLM2 with FLM3?


The Apple, Google and Windows App stores do not allow transfer of customers between applications. It is only possible to update an existing application, if we are to provide a free update. We chose to provide a free upgrade rather than to ask FLM2 customers to purchase FLM3 (again).


What OS formats are supported?

Android, iOS, Windows App, Windows Phone, FL Studio Plugin. 

FLM3 works as a FL Studio plugin. The plugin version is 100% identical to the mobile version, it's the same code just compiled as a Windows compatible plugin. This allows you to start projects on the desktop and move to your mobile device and back again. No translation of projects will be necessary; you are running the same app inside FL Studio (for the desktop) as you run on your mobile device.

Mobile 2 vs 3 project compatibility

FLM 2 projects will load in FLM 3, however we can't guarantee 100% identical sound. Yes, FLM3 has MiniSynth (plus Groove Machine Synth and Transistor Bass and many more FX plugins, which is the point) and it can load the same sample libraries. However the effects & instrument architecture is different, so this will result in some changes to the sound of projects made in FLM2 when loaded in FLM3. See below:

Purchased instruments

Your in-app purchased instruments will be transferred to the new version and will continue to work. No need to buy anything twice. 

Project structure

Like FLM2, FLM3 has Playlist tracks. But that’s about where the similarities end. Each FLM 3 Playlist track has an associated ‘rack’. This can contain any number of instrument and effects plugins. The only limit is your CPU power. There are now also automation-clip style tracks that can be edited just as you can now in FL Studio for the desktop. 

There is a new Step-sequencer sampler instrument, a multi-sample player instrument, synthesizer plugins (such as MiniSynth), and multiple effects plugins. You can choose to use any or all of these on each Playlist track.

About the user interface

FLM 3 is designed to work on any screen from the size of a phone to TV sized touch-monitors. It's one of those things that you will need to experience to understand. The point its, the development of this new design will be much more open ended and flexible.

Thanks again for your support and making FL Studio Mobile one of the most successful music production Apps on the Apple & Google App stores. 

Image-Line Support Team