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This article is about recovering backups / autosaves. For help recovering a corrupted project file, please consult this article beforehand.




To prevent your data from being lost, FL Studio has a backup feature. If you have not disabled the backup feature, FL Studio will automatically save a copy of your project in a designated location on your drive.

For more information on how the Backup process works, please consult the manual.

To recover a projects from the backup folder, navigate to the location of your backup folder (see below), and copy the files to a new location to prevent them from being overwritten first.

Then go through the projects and see if you still have a working Backup, and copy that into your projects folder again.

If you just want to revert to the latest backup of your current project, use the "revert to last backup" option in the File Menu.

Backups are a useful feature to recover things after you messed up, but to be safe you should not rely on them.
Try to use Ctrl + S to save your projects, and regularly use Ctrl + N to save as a new version.
Should you now loose your file in the future, or your project breaks beyond repair, you will always have your own Manual Backups to revert to.


FL Studio 20 and later (Mac and Windows)


Your User data and including your backups, are now stored in a shared folder.
So now your backups can be found in ...\Users\[your computer account]\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Projects\Backups

If you are unable to find it there, make sure you haven't changed the User Data folder in the File settings.


FL Studio 12 and earlier


In FL 12 and earlier, backups were stored in the install directory.
This means ...\FL Studio [version]\Data\Backup

The default install location for FL Studio is located in: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\FL Studio [version]\Data\Backup


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