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FL Studio 20.0.3 [build 35] for Mac introduced a change to lower GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) load, and so, heat which lead to excessive fan noise on some systems.  However, this change on other systems lead to choppy or laggy GUI (Graphical User Interface) performance. 




Open the FL Studio menu HELP > Diagnostic tool and experiment with the options as follows:


  • Only paint changed rectangles - When this option is turned on then the user interface will only repaint the areas of the window that has changed. When it is OFF then the whole window will always repaint. Set this to ON, unless you experience graphical glitches.
  • Use PBO - Allow FL Studio to use the PBO OpenGL extension for faster graphical updates. Set to Auto to allow FL Studio to decide when to use it. If you experience slow screen updates then experiment with setting this to ON or OFF.
  • Wait for sync - When this option is turned on then FL Studio will wait for the next vertical refresh period of your computers monitor before repainting. Set this to OFF unless you experience graphical glitches.


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