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If you already own FL Studio, simply update to FL Studio 21or later, and you are good to go! If you are using the FL Studio Fire Fruity Edition license that comes with the controller, read on ...


If your AKAI FL Studio FIRE controller deal includes FL Studio Fire Fruity Edition with Lifetime Free Updates you can claim it after registering your device with AKAI. The FL Studio FIRE edition is equivalent to  Fruity Edition with the additional requirement a FIRE controller must be connected to unlock from Trial Mode, and at least once every 30 days, to load saved projects. Start by registering your FIRE controller here . See the video below:


How to obtain your FL Studio Fire Fruity Edition License

 Click here to visit the Akai FIRE Support Page


  1. Register your FIRE serial number with AKAI. The number is on the back of the FIRE controller here. Make sure to use the same email address as your Image-Line Account if you already have one.
    Then : 
               a) Login or create an AKAI account,
               b) From your AKAI 'My Account' choose 'Register a Product',
               c) Select 'Fire' then add the serial number of the controller + register my product
  2. After AKAI registration, go to My Account - My Products page - click the 'Included Software' link on the registered FIRE product page and select 'Redeem Now'. The system will give you a personalized link that will take you to the Image-Line product registration page, with your license pre-applied. Follow the prompts to register the FIRE to your Image-Line Account.
  3. Download and install the latest version of FL Studio - The FIRE is supported from FL Studio 20.0.5 and up.
  4. Close FL Studio if it's open.
  5. Connect your FIRE to your computer to a free USB port. 
  6. Start FL Studio, open the FL Studio 'About' panel and use your Image-Line Account to unlock FL Studio from Trial.


...that's it, now you are ready to get started with FIRE!


Video Tutorial Playlist 



Fire Fruity Edition FAQ


  • What versions of FL Studio does the FIRE work with - You need FL Studio 20.0.5 or later. If you already own FL Studio, Lifetime Free Updates takes care of that. If you don't already own FL Studio there is a Fire Fruity Edition license included with the controller after registering it with AKAI.
  • What are the limitations of FL Studio Fire Fruity Edition?The limitations are the same as the regular Fruity Edition, with the additional requirement you need to have a Fire controller connected to unlock the program. Note: Fruity Edition does not allow Audio Recording and does not support Audio Clips in the Playlist. You can upgrade to Producer Edition to add these features.
  • Does Fire Fruity Edition come with Lifetime Free Updates? - Yes. 
  • Can I use Fire Fruity Edition without a FIRE controller ? - Yes but only after unlocking it as explained above and only for a while. After 30 days without detecting a FIRE controller, FL Studio will drop into Trial Mode. Reconnecting your FIRE controller, after FL Studio has reverted to Trial mode, will unlock FL Studio again.
  • Can I sell or give away my Fire Fruity Edition license? - No. See our explanation of the End User License Agreement. FL Studio Licenses include Lifetime Free Updates, in return for being bound to an individual. Note: Without a FIRE controller, Fire Fruity Edition can't be unlocked, so you will have an unhappy customer on your hands. 
  • Can I sell my Fire Controller? - Yes. But, if you have used the Serial Number on your device, to unlock Fire Fruity Edition, the new owner will need to own or purchase their own copy of FL Studio to use it. Your copy of FL Studio Fire Fruity Edition will expire 30 days after disconnecting the FIRE controller for the last time. You can upgrade FL Studio to avoid this problem.
  • Can I upgrade my Fire Fruity Edition? - Yes. After registering your controller to get your Fire Fruity Edition license (see the video above). You can upgrade from your Image-Line Account. The upgrade discount is the same as upgrading from FL Studio Fruity Edition to a higher Edition. After upgrading your FL Studio activation will no longer be bound to the FIRE controller and you can use FL Studio for an unlimited time without a FIRE connected.


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