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Trial Plugins Explained

We provide one installer for the FL Studio trial which covers all Editions and Bundles. That is why all plugins are included in your installation.

Trial plugins will not retain settings when you reload a project. You will see a warning about this when saving a project with a trial plugin in it. To avoid this, simply don't use plugins where you see 'TRIAL VERSION' noted in the plugin window header.

There are 3 reasons why your plugins may be in trial mode:

1. Your FL Studio Edition does not include the plugin.

Not all plugins are included in each FL Studio Edition or Bundle. Please check our feature comparison to see what is included in each version of FL Studio.

2. The plugin is included in the FL Studio Edition or Bundle you've purchased, but it has not been unlocked.

Perhaps you had a lower tier FL Studio Edition or Bundle and upgraded recently?

Refer to the either of the following Knowledge Base articles for instructions on updating your product registration:

Registration: How to unlock or update FL Studio from the 'About' screen
How do I unlock my software with the registration file?

3. You purchased the plugin, in addition to FL Studio, but it is registered to a different Image-Line account.

Some customers buy FL Studio and their plugin registrations as separate purchases, and end up accidentally using two different email addresses. If you've done this, your product registrations are not tied to the same Image-Line account.

Please contact our staff by submitting a support ticket and ask to have your two Image-Line accounts merged. Note: When submitting a support ticket be sure to provide the two email addresses used for each of your Image-Line accounts, including stating which Image-Line account you would like to keep active.

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