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To obtain upgrade pricing you must be logged into your Image-Line account before visiting our Shop.

After logging into your Image Line Account click 'MORE PRODUCTS' on the left side of the page. Alternatively, upgrade prices will also be shown in our web shop after signing in.
How it works

We offer upgrade pricing to all FL Studio editions above the one you own.




Fruity EditionFruity Fire Edition upgrade to Producer Edition = $110 USD*

Fruity Edition / Fruity Fire Edition upgrade to Signature Bundle = $210 USD*

Producer Edition upgrade to Signature Bundle = $110 USD*


Upgrading to the FL Studio All Plugins Edition:


Upgrades to FL Studio All Plugins Edition includes a discount for any standalone Image Line plugins you purchased separately. The discount will be less than the outright price you paid for these plugin/s. 




Fruity Edition / Fruity Fire Edition upgrade to All Plugins Edition = $410 USD*
Producer Edition upgrade to All Plugins Edition = $310 USD*
Signature Bundle upgrade to All Plugins Edition = $210 USD*


To obtain upgrade prices in our shop:

  1. Sign in to your Image Line 'my account' Member profile page. Use your online account email address as sign in email. Use the ' need password? ' password recovery link if needed.
  2. Go to the web shop.
  3. You will see the available upgrades for your already registered programs listed in the shop. Make sure all your purchased software is shown in your 'my account' Member profile page to get the best price  in the shop.
  4. Click the 'add to cart' button to purchase any product from our shop.
  5. Click the 'cart' button on top of the page to continue with the checkout process.


* Prices include $10 admin fee and exclude tax (added at checkout). Prices are subject to change; always check the web shop for correct prices before purchase!


Image-Line Support Team