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Why no free name changes?

We disabled the option for customers to change their own forum/nic name to discourage the practice of frequently changing it to make nuisance posts. Imagine that, people making a nuisance of themselves on our forums :)



Request us a change link (one time a year maximum)

We are happy to provide you a change link. Just contact us via the 'Tickets' tab on your 'my account' page. Let us know you want to change your forum name. Just type "I would like to change my forum name'. That's all you have to do.


We will provide you an email message with a link. You have 48 hours to click the link and update your forum username.


The direct link to the page where you will be able to change your name is here.
Note that an admin first needs to activate this option, else you don't see the change option on the page.


IMPORTANT: Your forum name is not used to sign into your 'My Account', so this change won't affect sign ins.


Image-Line Support team.