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What are the differences between FLSM and FL Studio Mobile HD?

Both the original FL Studio Mobile (renamed to FLSM) and FL Studio Mobile HD (renamed to FL Studio Mobile) applications are identical.

They are both updated simultaneously with the same code and feature compatibilty for the same iOS devices.


A brief history:


FL Studio Mobile on iOS was originally published as 'FL Studio Mobile'. Later when iPad and iPhone applications were distinguished by resolution, we launched 'FL Studio Mobile HD'. The HD version could run on all resolutions while the original App was fixed at 960×640.  

On release of FL Studio Mobile 3, the two applications were changed and became identical. The exact same code was uploaded under both App names. We did this so all owners of both Apps could take advantage of the free upgrade from FL Studio Mobile 2 to FL Studio Mobile 3.

Since FL Studio Mobile HD had the most sales, we decided to concentrate new App purchases on FL Studio Mobile HD. To do this we renamed FL Studio Mobile to FLSM and FL Studio Mobile HD to FL Studio Mobile. This was done to obscure the less popular version of the App. We did ask Apple if we could merge the two Apps but this is not currently possible.

However, please be assured the two Apps, FL Studio Mobile and FLSM are identical (including price) and will receive the same updates as the App develops. There is no penalty in owning FLSM, we just want to encourage future sales of one App, rather than spread sales across two. This will help with store rankings.


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