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Proceed at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any data loss!

  • 1. Note that FLM2 App is no longer supported and will eventually break as Android/Devices are updated.
  • 2. Browse to ..\Internal Storage\FLM User Files and back up this folder in its entirety to an external SD card or location!
  • 3. Delete FL Mobile 3 in the normal way (drag the FLM3 icon to the trash can, or delete button).
  • 4. Download the .apk file below and copy it to any folder on your device FLMA-209.apk*
    * An Image-Line 'my account' page and official FL Studio Mobile program registration needed to download
  • 5. On your device, tap the FLMA-209.apk and it will start the installation process.
  • 6. FL Studio Mobile 2 should now be restored along with your user data. If you are missing any files just copy your backup folder contents to '..\Internal Storage\FLM User Files'
  • 7. From the Google Play Store, turn off Auto-Updates, otherwise FLM2 will be overwritten again by FLM3


    Looking for an Android File Browser, we recommend Total Commander.

    Connecting your Android device to a PC via USB cable should show a pop-up on the device requesting Transfer Files (MTP) use that to locate and backup your files.