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This page shows how to unlock/update FL Studio for Windows and macOS 

You can unlock FL Studio and all other products you own from trial by using FL Studio's Help > About Dialog. The procedure below requires you have an Image-Line account containing FL Studio, as the program will sign in to your account and downoad and install an unlock-key automatically.


To unlock/update FL Studio from the 'About' dialog (this requires Internet access)

This procedure updates your FL Studio regkey from your Image-Line account. This can be used to unlock FL Studio from trial for the first time or after purchasing new plugins or after updating/upgrading FL Studio.


  1. Make sure you can sign in to your account - Click here to test it. We will access your account from the ‘About’ panel in FL Studio to unlock it.
  2. Make sure you have installed the latest version of FL Studio - get it here and install it.
  3. Unlock/update FL Studio - Run FL Studio and from the top-left menus select 'HELP' (or '?') then 'About...', at the bottom of the list. On the ‘About’ pop-up enter your account email and password then click ‘ Unlock products ’. After a short wait, be patient, you will see another pop-up ‘ The registration succeeded ’.
  4. Restart FL Studio - FL Studio must be restarted to complete the process.


FL Studio 20


FL Studio 12+



FL Studio 10/11




After restarting, the Help > About Box will show your name and registration number along the top of the box



To unlock FL Studio on a computer WITHOUT Internet access

You can download the FLRegkey.Reg manually on any computer WITH Internet access and install it on any computer WITHOUT internet access.  Click here for instructions. See "How to unlock all Image-Line products on Windows (with your FLRegkey.Reg file)".

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers all the methods described above

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How do I get an account?See here for details on how to set up an Image-Line Account.

(only do this when your box serial number is not active on your 'my account' yet)

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