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FL Studio Startup Crashes

If you haven't already done so, start by downloading and installing the latest version of FL Studio from the downloads page.
If you're experiencing issues with FL Studio crashing at startup we recommend that you:


  1. Try resetting your FL Studio settings. This will delete the FL Studio settings in the registry and reset them to the default installation configuration. 
  2. If you've altered any GUI scaling settings within FL Studio prior to these issues occurring refer to the following Knowledge Base article to reset FL Studio's DPI scaling, 'FL won't open after changing scaling options'.

Also see - FL Studio Won't Open / FL Studio Won't Start


Additional Legacy information (old Windows versions and old computers only)


  1. You need DirectX 8 or later installed to run FL Studio! The latest DirectX (currently 10 for Vista and 9.0c for other versions of Windows) is available at the Microsoft web site ( You may also find the DirectX installer on CD's that go with many popular magazines.
  2. Some people have reported a crash when Windows is in 16bit display mode.  While there is no reason for FL Studio should fail with a 16bit display you can try to switch to 24bit (True Color) and see if it corrects the issue.

  3. According to some people, a problem may occur because of network cards. Again, there's no reason for FL Studio not to work when a network card is installed, but try disabling your network card and confirm whether that corrects your issue. 


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