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If you own an Image-Line product, your account is used to unlock products from Trial/Demo mode. It will also give you access to our support forums and allow you to receive Image-Line Newsletters. There are three ways you can create an Image-Line account:

Online purchases from our webshop / in app shop 


If you purchased a product on-line from our shop / in app shop, you must create an account during the purchase process. We emailed you login details. Use the email address and password chosen to log in here. If you have lost or forgotten this information, recover it by following the steps here.


Box or other unlock-code registration

If you purchased products in a physical box or from an electronic retailer that provided a serial code, this will be a 20 digit number with 4 groups of 5 letters and numbers in the format XX0XX-000XX-X000X-000X0. If you don't already have an account, you can register your serial number here. The registration process will set up an account for you. 


When submitting a support ticket


This sales support ticketing system is only for pre-sales & registration related issues. If you are a customer and you have a technical question, please post in one of our tech support forums.  


NOTE: Access to user forums


To post and ask questions you need to have purchased a product and be logged into your Image-Line Account. We restrict access to the forums to customers as we have over 30,000 people every day downloading and installing the FL Studio trial. We can't possibly hope to support this number of people asking questions on our forums.  


You can probably answer most technical questions yourself by searching our Knowledge Base or reading the FL Studio Manual.


Image-Line Support Team