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Do you have Lifetime Free Updates?

Lifetime Free Updates, is our promise to FL Studio owners, to give them free updates for as long as we develop FL Studio. That means each new FL Studio version number as it is released. In 2018 we reached 20 years of free updates! Most FL Studio customers have 'Lifetime Free Updates' included with their purchase. Here's who has it and does not:


  • YES - FL Studio by DOWNLOAD purchased online through the Image-Line ONLINE SHOP: 'Lifetime Free Updates' ARE included. 
  • YES - FL Studio BOX version 10 and higher: 'Lifetime Free Updates' ARE included.  You will need to register your box first.
  • NO - FL Studio BOX version 9 and lower: 'Lifetime Free Updates' NOT included. You can upgrade for around $49 USD. FIRST register your box THEN log-into your Account THEN go to the Image-Line shop here and the upgrade price/option will be shown.

Get the latest FL Studio installer here 


How to update

1. Download and install FL Studio - Get the latest FL Studio installer here 

2. To unlock FL Studio follow these steps using the 'Help > About Panel'.



How to move data from an old to new installation:

If you need to move your own music projects, extra added samples etc. Please click here to learn how to update one FL Studio version to another. 


Update FAQ

> Will any of my existing data be lost by the update?

No. Please see this page in the manual for full details.

> Do I need to remove old FL Studio versions before upgrading?
No. It's generally a good idea to leave the old installation in place UNTIL you verify all your files are available in the new version.

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