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See here how to unlock FL Studio on Windows.
See here how to unlock FL Studio on MacOS.
This page shows how to allow all accounts on a Windows or MacOS computer to use FL Studio (for example in school computer labs).


Windows Procedure FL Studio registration for multiple users

The default FL Studio installation will register the program for the current Windows user. Registering FL Studio for all Windows users is also possible (in FL Studio 7 and higher).

For the boxed version of FL Studio, simply select "Install for all users" during installation.


For the downloadable version of FL Studio, follow these Instructions:

  1. Download and install the FLRegkey.Reg activation file on the pc.
  2. Download and install the FL Studio demo installer file.
  3. Make sure to check the "install for all users" option in the FL Studio installer window (see the image below)
  4. FL Studio installer will now make the already available registration codes available to all Windows users.


Attention! Installing the FLRegkey.Reg file first is of vital importance for this procedure to work. This allows the installer to place it in the correct location so it can be used by all users of the computer. Double click it or right-click and select 'Merge' to install it into your registry.

This is the Install for all users option:


MacOS Procedure FL Studio registration for multiple users

Unlock FL Studio for all Mac users by saving your 'FLRegkey.Reg' file to the shared location  /Library/Preferences/Image-Line. The Library folder is hidden by default in the Finder (you have to right click the user folder, click 'presentation options' and select 'show library folder'). You may need to create the Image-Line destination folder.

Attention, there are multiple "Library" folders on your Mac. Make sure NOT to confuse the shared folder with the specific "User" folder from the regular MacOS folder.



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