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- Feature-wise there are no differences between FL Studio Signature Bundle and Academic FL Studio Signature Bundle.

Please see the feature comparison page to see what's included in the Signature Bundle.



- You are not allowed to commercialize (sell, rent, ...) music you make in an academic FL Studio program.

You can upgrade to a full FL Studio license later for $39 USD.
When you have your Academic FL Studio Signature Bundle serial number activated on our site, you automatically see the upgrade to full license available in your personalized web shop. More information.

- FL Studio educational box version programs (version 10 and up) include 'lifetime free updates'.
Older box versions (versions 9 and older) have a 'one time free update' included to the next version. For example: you FL Studio Fruity edition box version 9, gets one free download update to FL Studio Fruityloops edition version 10.