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Using FL Studio for commercial purposes


First, all terms of the End User License Agreement apply and take precedence. The following is a natural-language guide to activities we do and do not allow.


In order to license & copyright your music or video productions made with FL Studio, you must comply with these requirements:


  • You must have a valid license for FL Studio (Academic versions do not qualify) and all the plugins used in your project, before you can use anything from FL Studio in any commercial production. You can purchase FL Studio from our shop.
  • You can not use or sell any of the demo songs/loops that come included with FL Studio. If you want to use them in part or in whole, you must contact the original creator and discuss this issue further with them. Read more in the user manual here - Copyright Cleared Content in FL Studio 
  • You can not license, copyright, sell or distribute in any way the individual samples and sounds, or make sample packs from the sounds that install with FL Studio. You are allowed to use these in your own compositions (see here).
  • You can copyright/license any production rendered from FL Studio as long as it is entirely your own work and complies to above rules.
  • [For videos & tutorials] You can not promote illegal copies of our software. You are also responsible for such activity in the associated comments. Check for comment review/filters on the platform you use. YouTube has them for example. 
  • You must not copy our brand identity. The iconography, fonts and branding we use in such a way to divert attention/traffic away from our own commercial enterprises. 


Any permissions, implied or stated above, do nothing to waive our copyright on any material using our logos, artwork, audio files and software. We reserve the right to exercise that copyright. So respect the brand and always act in good faith. In other words, play nicely when using our copyrighted assets.


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