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Using FL Studio for commercial purposes

First, all terms of the End User License Agreement apply.

In order to license & copyright your music productions made with FL Studio, you need to comply with these requirements:

  • You must have a valid licence for FL Studio (Academic versions do not qualify) and all the plugins used in your project, before you can use anything from FL Studio in any commercial production. If you haven't already, just order your version of FL Studio at our webshop.
  • You can not use or sell any of the demo songs/loops that come included with FL Studio. If you want to use them in part or in whole, you must contact the original creator and discuss this issue further with them. When you open a demo song in FL Studio, an info window appears. This window includes the name and contact details of the demo song maker you need to contact for clearance of copyrights. More info at Copyright Cleared Content in FL Studio 
  • You can not license, copyright, sell or distribute in any way the individual samples & sounds, or make samples packs from the sounds that install with FL Studio. You are allowed to use these in your own compositions (see below).
  • You can copyright/license any production rendered from FL Studio as long as it is entirely your own work and complies to above rules.
  • [For videos & tutorials] You can not promote illegal copies of our software.
  • You clearly need to state that you are an individual who is not connected to Image Line Software.
  • A good analogy is to consider FL Studio as a word processor. You can not sell the dictionary that comes with it nor can you sell the word processor application itself, or any of its components such as fonts or clip-art and you can not publish the demo word-processing files as your own books or articles. However, any article or book you write yourself using the included features, fonts, templates and clip-art, is yours to use as you see fit (so long as you have bought the software).

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