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This information is valid for:
FL Studio + ALL Plugin Bundle, ALL Plugin Bundle & Upgrade to FL Studio + ALL Plugin Bundle, FX bundle, Gol's plugin bundle, Maxx plugin bundle, Synth plugin bundle, Value plugin bundle.


2 Different plugin registrations

For most plugins we have at least 2 different versions.
1. FL plugin version -> only works inside FL Studio
2. VST plugin version -> works in all VST host programs.


Owned full registrations deducted

An example:

When you already own FL Studio Producer Edition or Signature Bundle and upgrade to FL Studio + All Plugins Bundle, you see the plugins Vocodex, Slicex and Edison are still part of the upgrade purchase. In the list of purchased plugins, note the term '(VST)' next to the plugin name.

The term '(VST)' identifies the plugin as an extra registration (separate from the All Plugins Bundle). FL plugin registrations for Vocodex, Slicex and Edison are already part of your Producer Edition or Signature Bundle.


The 'VST' plugin registration, allows you to use these plugins in other 3rd party VST hosts or DAWs. These plugins cannot be removed from the ALL Plugin Bundle package.'