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Deckadance is no longer available from Image-Line.

In May 2015 announced that Gibson (Stanton/Cakewalk) have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights. This means that Deckadance is no longer for sale from Image-Line. We do not have details when it will be available from Stanton. 

Read our news article about the sale of Deckadance

From now on, please ask for Deckadance technical support on Stanton forums

Where to find Deckadance demo?

Deckadance version 2.5 is now available from Gibson/Stanton/Cakewalk.


Where to activate Deckadance or Deckadance LE?

You have a Deckadance or Deckadance LE serail number, and you did not activated your software with Image-Line in the past?
Please activate your software at the Cakewalk web site.

If you activated your software with Image-Line in the past, check your personal 'my licenses' page for instructions.