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Transferring Paid Mobile Applications Between Android, iOS and Windows 

Paid Apps can't be transferred between Android, iOS and Windows devices. This also applies to in-app purchases. Yes the desktop version of FL Studio, for Mac & Windows, includes the plugin version but not the App Store versions. To use FL Studio Mobile on another operating system you must purchase it and additional content for each of Android, iOS, and Windows separately: 


This is true for all paid mobile apps. Yes, we know that sucks and here's why it happens:


The Apple App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android) and Windows App (Windows) stores are run by competing companies - Google, Apple & Microsoft. There is no store-provided mechanism to register an existing Android, iOS or Windows App purchase with a competing App store. Why would they give away something for free you purchased with a competitor? So, there’s no way to unlock a free copy of FL Studio Mobile on one App store based on your purchase on another App store. In fact, there are contractual restrictions preventing us unlocking an App by some back-door method. Put simply, each side is trying to lock you into their platform, that's their business and their right. 


The truth about these App Stores  - You are a customer of Apple, Google or Microsoft, not Image-Line (that's us). We upload (stock) FL Studio Mobile to the App stores, but we have no control over how App stores function or the rules covering how the App is sold and unlocked. The App is downloaded from the relative App stores, not from Image-Line. Your mobile account is with the App Store. We don't even know you purchased FL Studio Mobile, until you register it with us.  


If you have registered your copy, and have more questions, please ask in the FL Studio Mobile forum. In-app, tap HELP > Users and Support Forums.


You can purchase FL Studio Mobile for Android, iOS and Windows.


Image-Line Support Team