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FL Studio (Windows)

There are two common causes of this problem...

1. FL Studio can't find the sample data associated with the Instrument Channel/s

Channels with missing sample data are colored red to warn you of the above. This can happen because the project file has attempted to load samples that -

  • Are from previous FL Studio edition (no longer included with the program). 
  • You (re)moved the samples from your hard disk.
  • You renamed the samples.

Make sure that the sample's location is listed in the Search paths in the File settings window. FL will search its own data folder, as well as any paths listed as in the Search paths (and sub-directories of those folders) for samples. See also the Manual section Missing Plugins or Files for some more detailed strategies for locating moved/missing samples.

We occasionally drop samples from newer versions of FL Studio as we update the library to newer sounds, here they are:


  • All samples and data dropped from FL Studio 1 to 12 (available to FL Studio owners). See the bottom of the post.

2. An Audio CODEC problem/missing
A CODEC is the software that converts audio files to and from a compressed (space-saving) format. If the CODEC is not installed correctly then Sampler channels may open with missing data. Click here for information on re/installing FL Studio's audio CODECs.

FL Studio Mobile 3

MiniSynth and GMS presets dropped from FL Studio Mobile 3

'Extract the .zip file and place the contents in the 'My Presets' folder of the FL Studio Mobile directory'.


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