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FL Studio Logo

The FL Studio 'Fruit' logo was designed as a cross between a Mango and a Strawberry, but coincidentally looks a bit like a Persimmon.


This image from our News Post here, shows the evolution of the fruit logo:


The original concept was designed by Didier Dambrin (gol), the inventor of FL Studio and was based on a Strawberry. Didier says "The strawberry was a fail, the (second) one was too based on pixel art, then scaled up vector-like. At that point it was still supposed to be a Strawberry I guess, it's only in 3D that it didn't look like one anymore".  After that the fruit logo took on a life of its own, evolving into a cross between a Mango and Strawberry. We think it now looks closest to a Persimmon.



You can vote yourself on our forum on what you think it looks like the most:

FL Studio logo poll


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