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Download location for FL Studio and other installers

FL Studio for Windows and macOS:


Content: in your 'my account' under the tab 'my licenses'


From the Image-Line servers


We have between 20,000 to 40,000 FL Studio downloads per day. Normally we can handle this amount of data without problems. On a fast internet connection (100 MB/sec) download times are normally around 3-5 minutes. If we have just released a new version then download times may be longer than normal, or flakey. Try again in an hour or so.

The installer is around 900 MB and so you will also need a stable connection to download it.

If the download does not work, please check the following:


  1. Clear your web browser cache files (refer to your web browsers reference manual for more info on this topic), then try downloading again.
  2. Check your web browser security settings as they may be too restrictive. Also, confirm that your anti-virus or malware protection software isn't blocking the download (refer to your software manual for instructions on website and download exclusions). You may also temporarily disable your anti-virus software to complete the download.
  3. Ensure that you've tested downloading with at least one other web browser. In some instances browser specific protection or settings may present issues with certain downloads. 


Your computer runs Widows, however you can only download FL Studio Mobile app from the Windows app store:


You run Windows S at this moment. A free change to a regular Windows version is needed first, before you can install FL Studio from the links above.

More information here from the Microsoft web site: 



Image Line Support Team