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Definitely not. Here is why...


Your FL Studio license is for a single user, you. Think of it like a driver's license that allows you to drive a car or pilot's license to fly a plane. Sharing it with another person does not give them the right to drive your car or fly your plane. 


FL Studio is a single-user license for you, and only you, to use FL Studio on any computer you own. 




See here how to share your license the RIGHT way with collaborators and students.



Not only do we prohibit sharing your account or FL Studio license with friends, it is a particularly bad idea, since you can't control who they pass it on to. Think seriously about this. Best friends, have other best friends, and you may not always be best friends with your best friend. Once your license is 'out there' it will eventually spread and go quickly.  We regularly see cases where licenses end up on the open internet with thousands of attempted installations, after we shut an account down. 



Sharing your license to collaborate or 'lending' it to a friend to 'see what they think of the software' are not valid excuses. If you save projects and send them to collaborators, they can use the free, time-unlimited Trial to work on and re-save your project. If they send it back, you can re-open the project to work on it and re-save it again. You can keep working, in this cycle, with a collaborator or friend for as long as you like. So, there are no excuses to share your account login details or license.


Consequences of abuse

We do not tolerate license or account sharing. When we detect a license is used by more than one person, we will revoke it and deactivate the account (see our End User License Agreement).


Lifetime Free Updates

Perhaps this seems a little 'heavy handed'? Please consider that FL Studio is sold with Lifetime Free Updates. Unlike most other DAW software, we only get to sell FL Studio to customers once. After that they get all future versions of FL Studio for free. Once valid licenses are shared, they represent unlimited access, not only to the current version but all future releases of FL Studio for free. This is why we value licenses so highly and so should you. It represents a lifetime of free access to all future versions.


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