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Keeping your account and licenses safe is a top priority. While we take many steps to ensure your Image Line account is secure, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an added layer of security and prevents unauthorized access to your account.  This is particularly useful if someone gains access to or guesses your login details.


To set up 2FA :



1. Sign in to your Image Line Account.

2. Browse to - Profile > Personal data > Account Security (Sub section of the Personal Data tab on the left). 

3. Select 2FA and Submit.


How 2FA works


When you login from a device or network we have not seen you use before. We send an email with a 6-digit verification code you must enter at the login prompt before you will be allowed into your Image Line Account. The code is valid for 10 minutes. 


NOTE: Your 2FA code e-mail comes ...


From: ''

Subject: 'Image Line Account | Two Factor Authentication code ( 123456 ) [Action Required]'.


123456 is just an example! You will get a unique 6 digit 2FA code each time you use it. Make sure emails are whitelisted in your email or search spam/trash folders if you do not see it.


Why we recommend using 2FA


Most account related breaches take place due to weak or stolen passwords. 2FA makes sure that even if your password is stolen or guessed, the attacker will not gain access to your account. Access to your Image Line Account will be dependent on control of the email you are using with it.


Educating yourself about how accounts are accessed is one of the best defenses against future problems. Please take the time to watch the following videos -


For more information on choosing secure passwords we recommend this video:


To understand how passwords are cracked, when hackers obtain password databases:


Login Persistence


We expire Browser login-tokens on a monthly basis. This is the token that allows you to access your account without re-entering your login details and applies to the website login and in-app shop logins for FL Studio. If you use the same device and location, as normal, the monthly login will not require 2FA.


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Image Line Support Team