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What is Firebase?


Firebase is a tool developed and managed by Google. It communicates with Google servers to both enable online cloud services (such as content delivery) and also compiles information about how a user interacts with an Application and its surrounding services. Firebase works on Android and iOS operating systems. We use it to receive information about how you use FL Studio Mobile, to help us improve the user experience. FL Studio Mobile included Firebase functionality commencing May 2021. 


Why do we use it?


When we develop an App like FL Studio Mobile, we put it in an App store and have very little connection with the users. Your relationship is more between Apple, Google and Microsoft (as the vendor of the OS you are using and App store) than it is with us. And so, we find it difficult to know how our mobile applications are performing, beyond the review system on the App stores. It can help us greatly if we know more about how and where people are using FL Studio Mobile.  


What information does Firebase collect?


  • How many times the App is opened and when
  • How long the App is open
  • The Operating system being used
  • The device model the App is being used on
  • The country you are in
  • When the app was first installed and first opened
  • If and when the App was updated
  • What In-app purchases are made
  • Crashes and their type
  • That one of our mobile App customers has visited our website or clicked on our ads. 


This helps our developers to better understand the nature of the devices in use, and where our App is being used. They can then make better decisions about how to improve functionality and performance. 


Do we spy on you?


No. We do not and can not track your precise location or see any of your personal files (even those in FL Studio Mobile). We can't see specific user activities on the device other than those listed. Nor are we interested! Firebase does log if you click on any Google Advertising. We are particularly interested if you click on any of our Google Advertising. We can't specifically identify you. Just that an FL Studio Mobile user has clicked on one of our advertisements or visited our website. We are generally interested in how closely our Mobile customers also interact with our online presence (Website, Advertisements, Social Media etc). We use this to decide where we should advertise to find more people like you - people who may be interested in purchasing FL Studio Mobile.  


For the full list of data Firebase may collect see 


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