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FL Cloud subscribers don't need to worry about running out of credits and total download limits. Use any sounds you need when you need them, unless the internet dies, our servers are having a meltdown, or something else equally unpredictable occurs. Stuff happens, so this is why we say ...


FL Cloud users may experience a slowdown of the download rate from the FL Cloud Sounds service if they exceed fair and reasonable usage in comparison to the majority of the users. This is to ensure an equitable performance experience for all.


Why do we do this?


Server infrastructure is finite, and you are sharing it with all other FL Studio customers. This system is to prevent those server melt-downs as noted in the introduction. If the servers are overloaded, this can cause a complete shutdown for all users and nobody wants that!


We all remember what happened to toilet paper during the COVID pandemic. Similarly, there's no need to go on a click-frenzy and bulk-download everything at once. FL Cloud Sounds are always there at your side in FL Studio.


If you use sounds normally, you should not bump into the fair-use system. Normal use is dragging sounds from the Sounds Tab to your project while producing music, as you need them. Not dragging sounds in or clicking the download buttons as fast as you can over an extended period. If you are experiencing unexplained issues with downloads, please contact the Support Team.


How does it work?


The system is described here in our "FL Cloud Sounds Fair Use Policy" policy.


In summary: Before the system acts you will get a friendly reminder your downloads are starting to cause some anxiety in the FL Cloud team. If downloads continue at a high rate, a slowdown may be applied. You will see a pop-up message, in the Sounds Tab in FL Studio, letting you know to wait a while before the next download is available. 


What sounds do I have access to?


  • Subscriptions (monthly & yearly) -  Total access to the entire sounds library, under the conditions above.
  • Credit Packs - The entire sounds library. You can download any sounds you want, to a limit of 100 per credit-pack.  



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