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In order to make sure your email address is correct and that it is your email address (and not someone elses), we need you to verify it.

Our system sends an email to the address you specify. This email contains a verification link (basically a URL that links back to our system). All you need to do is to click this verification link and your email address will be verified.

NOTE: the verification email is sent from Please allow your Mail ant-spam system/s to (can be temporarily) accept emails coming from this email addres.

If you did not received this verification email, there may be several reasons.

1. The email address you specified is spelled wrong.

Solution: Please go to your 'Member Profile' page and correct your email.

2. You received our email, but it was filed in your 'Spam' or 'Deleted' folder (depending on your anti-spam settings).

Solution: Please find the email and click the verification link and please add our email address to your 'trusted list' of emails.

3. Your email account has refused our email. This can happen if you have specified rejection filters or if for example, you only accept emails coming from email addresses in your address book.

Please change the settings of your email account to (can be temporarily) allow emails from our system to come in. Then login to your Image Line Member profile and click the 'resend' link you find near your Email address. Once you received our email, please add our email address to your 'trusted list' of emails.

The Image-Line Support Team.