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Clean your computer of your product license/s when disposing of it so your license doesn't fall into the hands of others.
Only use this method if you want to fully remove all licenses and installation settings connected to FL Studio and Plugins!

  1. Use the HELP menu 'Unlock FL Studio' option.
  2. From the pop-up panel choose 'Log out ...'
  3. Click Yes on the confirmation panel. This will remove your license and logout from the Image-Line website on the computer you are using

Use this FLRegKey - Download Here
How to use:
  1. Download the file to your pc.
  2. Unzip the file using Windows Explorer to get: REMOVE_FLStudio_License.reg
  3. Double click the file REMOVE_FLStudio_License.reg to run it
  4. Click the 'OK' to all pop-ups.
  5. Your Windows registry is now cleaned from FL Studio registration keys.


macOS / Mac OS X


To clear your Mac of any Image-Line registrations do the following: 


  1. Open 'Finder. 
  2. Navigate to '.../Library/Application Support/' and delete the 'Image-Line' folder.
  3. Navigate to '.../Users/Your_Username/Library/Preferences/' and delete the 'Image-Line' folder.
  4. Open the Trash and select 'Empty. 

Note: If the Library folder is not visible in the User folder you must right-click within the Finder and choose 'Show view options > Show Library folder'.

Install FL Studio on a cleaned computer again?

After de-registration, you must follow the instructions below: 



Logging out

You can also log out of the account FL Studio has been registered to by navigating to HELP > Unlock FL Studio and selecting Log out...

Image-Line Support Team