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Yes, you can combine IL Virtual Cash with another payment option (credit card, PayPal etc).

If you don't have enough IL Virtual Cash to pay for the product, the checkout page gives an option to combine IL Virtual Cash with another payment method.

How can I order a product using my remaining IL Virtual Cash?

1. Shop in our online web shop.
2. In the checkout page select the option (see "1" in the image below):
'Use all my virtual cash and deduct it from the total amount of the order.'
3. Than select the payment method for the additional payment (see "2" in the image below).
4. Click the blue "Place Order" button.

You will be forwarded to your payment partner of choice to pay the remaining sum.
The IL Virtual Cash amount is already deducted from the total amount.

NO checkbox on the checkout page?
Reorder from this link to see the box displayed in the checkout page.

Attention: the amount of the credit card payment must be minimum $9 USD / €6 EUR.
It is not possible to make credit card payments in our web shop for lower amounts.

The Image-Line Support Team