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3x OSC

3 OSC - general information

Access / Register your software

FLM 3 Data

Affiliate Program

General information about the Affiliate Program

Audio Clips

Audio Clips - general information


Autogun - General Information

Automation Clips

Automation Clips - general information


BassDrum - general information


BeepMap - general information

Before you buy & ordering.

What is my Forum Username / Forum Handle / Nickname?

Which edition of FL Studio is same as trial version?

How do I verify my email address?

What is my User Identifier?

Sales Tax added to purchase in our web shop.

How do I use a SALE or DISCOUNT Coupon?

Price of 'FL Studio + All Plugins' or 'All PLugins' bundle has changed. Why?

VAT exclusive ordering for EU companies

Why do I need to pay tax when I am ordering from Norway?

Why does my FL Studio + ALL PLUGINS Bundle registration not include the latest plugins?

Russian Federation "Google Tax"


BooBass - general information

Buzz Effect Adapter

Where can i find the Buzz Effect Adapter?

Buzz Effect Adapter - general information

Buzz Generator Adapter

Buzz Generator Adapter is Missing in version 12

Buzz Generator Adapter - general information

Channel Sampler

Sampler Channel Settings - general information

Computers, Soundcards & Speakers

What computer should I get for music creation?

Help choosing a soundcard / audio interface to produce / record / monitor / mix with FL Studio / your DAW?

What are 'monitor speakers' and why do I need them?

Content / Copyright

Can I make money with songs/tutorials made with FL Studio?

Copyright Cleared Content in FL Studio

Control Surface

Control Surface - general information


Fruity Dashboard - general information


Using multiple outputs (to monitor) when using Deckadance as VST in FL

Some Deckadance/FruityDJ history ...

Behringer CMD Studio 4a is not activating in Deckadance v2.

How do I install and unlock Deckadance with my registration key?

Where to buy Deckadance, how to purchase Deckadance

Where do I find / activate Deckadance?

Where do I find the shuffle button in Deckadance?

Deckadance maximum title lenght is 12 minutes?

How do I get support for Deckadance?

DirectWave / DirectWave Player

How to test the features of DirectWave Player versus DirectWave (full)

Error - There are no samples in this program.

Channel Volume not working with DirectWave

Does it work on my computer?

What are the system requirements of FL (and does it run on a Mac)?

Does your program work in my Windows version?

Does FL work on Chromebook?

What ASIO input and output formats are supported?

FL Mobile on iOS, does this mean FL on macOS / OS X soon?

Is FL Studio screen reader friendly?


I can not download your software

Where to find VST plugin installers?

Download & installation

How to get access to my FL Studio Lifetime Free Updates (update to the latest version)?

Where can I find older versions of FL Studio and their installers?

Image-Line software: Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Can I re-download my programs registration anytime eg. after PC crash?

How do I install your software on a PC not connected to the Internet?

Box version installation link not working.

Why do you use 3rd party hosting sites for the installer trial /full version download?

Where do I find my new software after upgrading/buying new software?

Damaged or lost installation CD / USB?

Program installer size difference

FL version 12 update / upgrade information

The installer for the boxed version 9 doesn't work

How do I install the 64 Bit program / Where do I get the 64 Bit installer?

reinstallation of your software

NSIS Error

Do you have "MSI files" available to install the educational versions?

Image-Line programs on Steam


Drumaxx - general information


Drumpad - general information

Edison Wave Editor & Recorder

Edison - general information


Effector - general information


EQUO - general information

Errors / Problems

FL Studio Samples / Missing Samples / Channels Red Not Working / CODEC issues

There is no sound from FL Studio

The sound is "choppy" and strange (crackles, pops or glitches)

How to install and use WAVES plugins?

I can't see the Pattern Block or Clip Track area of the Playlist?

Unable to load MP3 files in FL Studio

FL Studio is crashing at startup

Runtime error 216 / IPP.dll / QuickFontCache.dll / Rundll32.dll

The program interface covers the whole screen and I can't resize it.

Some .WAV files fail to load in FL Studio

Could not open MP3 encoding stream... / Can't export MP3 files

I have a problem with plugins or the main program. What can I do? Can I run a diagnostic?

Not Enough ASIO Output Channels Available

Can't drag audio from Windows to FL Studio

When I press play, I get the hint message 'waiting for input' (CL)

I hear a hissing sound in my projects

Exported Audio Sounds Different from FL Studio Output

FL Studio Won't Open

I get the message "Could not find any FLP project in this zipped archive" when I try to open a project

Why is the "make unique" option greyed out in the FL trial?

My notes disapear from the Piano roll ...

Installer won't open on Windows Vista

There is not enough memory available for this task... (MIDI)

Error opening file for writing (Installation)

I don't hear the MIDI Channels in my exported .wav/.mp3/.ogg file.

When I try to use the speech engine, I get the message "Registration failure"

FL Studio 12 Access Violation while editing automation clips (FIXED)

Synthmaker is in Player mode, even though I have Producer edition.

How to recover a corrupt .flp / project?

Issues with output when moving windows or sliders

FL Studio Won't Open After Changing Scaling Options

I don't see my DirectX and DXi plugins in FL Studio 11 or higher.

Error: "The Sytrus plugin could not be found"

The chords menu doesn't open

FL Studio ASIO Error (Error: pEnumerator->...)

Program or plugins disappeared off screen (multiple monitors)

Error message: "The file doesn't exist or has been moved"

Plugin Database Browser Folders Empty / Current Project Not Displaying Properly

Missing Toolbar Panels and Windows

Error: Sorry but this plugin couldn't be found...

Unable to delete .WAV files created by FL Studio

Error: no disk in drive

Error: "FL Username authentication is obsolete"

Laptop fan speed increases on startup (FL Studio)

Incorrect Playback Position / Jittery Playback

Parameters are changing on their own

Mixer Insert sounds different when selected

Fruity Video Player doesn't load & ZGameEditor Visualizer fails (Windows Vista)

Freezing with Lynx Audio Interfaces and PCIe Cards


EZGenerator support options

FL Keys

Where can I find / generate piano sounds?

FL Keys - general information


I can't find the FlowStone / Synthmaker plugin

How to access Flowstone content in FL Studio?

FL SynthMaker (FLowstone) - general information

FL Slayer

FL Slayer - general information

FL Studio

Using FL Studio 64 Bit vs 32 Bit

Does your software support Linux ?

Fruityloops 1.0 (and other/earlier versions) ...

No innocent FL development time was harmed during the making of this product

Plugins not scaling properly (GUI)

Where can I find FL Studio skins?

Plugins are opening as a Sampler Channel

How many CPU cores do you support? Multithreading, Cores and Performance.

Why are there multiple FL launch files, and what is the difference between them?

Should I use the 32 or 64 Bit program?

How to export each Playlist track to a separate file?

How to change the name displayed in the title bar?

Typing keyboard not working on plugins

Plugin notes get stuck when using typing keyboard

What fruit is the FL Studio logo?

How Do You Open version 12 Projects in version 11?

Where do I find the trial?

FL Studio - Recording dialog no longer showing when pressing Record

Virus in program installer

Can I change my Educational program to a full license program?

Error: This project has been created using a more recent version...

Error: This beta version has expired (on Windows or macOS)

Deleted (none) entry from Mixer

I would like to submit my music to get featured in the program. How can I get my demo song into the coolstuff folder for the next release?

Browser tab is empty

Record to Step Sequencer in FL Studio version 12

I hear a random piano playing in FL Studio

Will your software be available in my language? Can I translate your software?

Sounds taking a long time to preview file in the FL Studio Browser

Can I receive a replacement disc for my software?

FL Robot - FL Bot

FL Studio Browse Parameters Scrolling Issue

When I click the microphone symbol it tell's me I need Producer version

What happened to FL Studio 13? ...

Case Sensitive File systems not supported by FL Studio and Image-Line plugins on Mac / macOS

FL Studio Mac Support - Hackintosh Installations

FL Studio Groove

Groove Machine Mobile / FL Groove only renders a few seconds of sound...

Can I use ASIO / ASIO4ALL with Groove Machine Mobile / FL Groove?

How do I download my FL Groove purchase?

How can i make instrument sounds like a violin, piano, guitar, in Groove Machine Mobile / FL Groove?

Will the iRig Keys MIDI Keyboard work with Groove Machine Mobile / FL Groove?

Can I remix songs in FL Groove? Can I import MP3 and WAV files?

Can you send a project from Groove Machine Mobile / FL Groove to FL, like you can do for FL Mobile projects?

Can I use FL Studio Groove as a MIDI controller for FL Studio?

I bought Groove Machine Mobile / FL Groove, but I am not able to post in the forum.

Problems with FL Groove / Groove Machine Mobile App for windows 8, iOS or Android. App it crashes Immediately or has some bug.

Can I run FL Groove on an other OS?

I bought FL Groove, but Windows App Store says I need to buy it again.

FL Groove does not start and gives the error: "go check in the windows store"

Searching for FL Groove in the Windows App Store shows up no results?

FL Studio Help / Manual

Where can I find help?

Are official Image-Line courses available?

I can't read the Getting Started Manual

How do I get support, why isn't there a technical support telephone number?

Where to find basic tutorials for FL Studio?

Do you have a help file available that is not always on top?

How to read or search the help file?

Why is the Sampler Channel volume lower than an Audio Clip?

FL Studio Mac OS X

Does the FL Studio for Native macOS BETA run on OS X?

How to use Nexus in FL Studio on macOS

Mac Error: can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

My VST host can't find the macOS / OS X Alpha VST plugins after installation

Can projects be moved between FL Studio for Windows and Mac?

FL Studio Mobile

FL Mobile Android Troubleshooting Guide (Installation, Crashes & Content)

How do I load FL Mobile projects in FL for Windows?

How do I create my own FL Mobile instruments?

How to register FL Mobile?

FL Studio Mobile 3 to FL Studio Mobile 2 Android downgrade procedure (Manual Installation)

Error: Illegal copies of our Mobile iApps

How to redeem prize/promo/reviewer codes

Message: Free instruments - Register in the shop to receive 2 free instrument packs.

Can I use VSTs in FL Mobile

Can I record audio in FL Mobile?

FL Studio Mobile 2 to FL Studio Mobile 3 FAQ

Is it possible use FL Mobile to controle more external hardware synths with different midi channels?

Can I load my own instruments & samples to FL Mobile?

Is it possible to make FL Mobile sync to a MIDI clock from an external sequencer?

How to transfer purchased instruments & content between mobile devices

I have an iOS device, Android device and Windows device, do I need to buy the app multiple times?

Can I import other midi sequences into FL Mobile HD?

Can I re-install the FL Mobile app on my new device without paying again?

Can I transfer FL Mobile from iTunes to Android to Windows, or the other way around?

Where to find FL Mobile app for Android?

Does FL Mobile HD have virtual midi control to midi control other iPad applications?

Can I use the latest FL Studio Mobile app on an iPad 1 (1st generation iPad)?

Can FL Mobile send cc and sysex midi commands to external units such as patch changes to the TC Helicon Voicelive 2 and Roland GR-55?

How do I load MiniSynth sounds in FL for Windows?

Can Fl Mobile HD midi control external synths such as the Mircokorg XL?

I have an iPhone and iPad, do I need to buy 2 Apps?

Does this program work with the Alesis IO dock?

FLSM vs FL Studio Mobile HD (iOS)

Does iOS version matter?

Can other programs such as SampleWiz control the FL Mobile keyboard?

Is FL Mobile iOS 8 compatible?

FL Mobile has disappeared from my Apple iTunes account

FL Studio Mobile Refund

Problems Downloading Program Data or Purchased Instruments (Android)


How to download and install free FPC preset content?

FPC - general information

Fruit Kick

Fruit Kick - General Information

Fruity 7 Band EQ

Fruity 7 Band EQ - general information

Fruity Balance

How to update or reinstall FL Groove from the Windows App Store

Fruity Balance - general information

Fruity Bass Boost

Fruity Bass Boost - general information

Fruity Big Clock

Fruity Big Clock - General Information

Fruity Blood Overdrive

Fruity Blood Overdrive - general information

Fruity Center

Fruity Center - general information

Fruity Chorus

Fruity Chorus - general information

Fruity Compressor

Fruity Compressor - general information

Fruity Convolver (Reverb)

Fruity Convolver (Reverb) - general information

Fruity Dance

Fruity Dance - general information

Fruity dB Meter

Fruity dB Meter - general information

Fruity Delay

Fruity Delay - general information

Fruity Delay 2

Fruity Delay 2 - general information

Fruity Delay Bank

Fruity Delay Bank - general information

Fruity DrumSynth Live

Fruity DrumSynth Live - general information

Fruity DX10

Fruity DX10 - general information

Fruity Envelope Controller

Automation Control Point Options Missing in FL Studio 12

Fruity Envelope Controller - general information

Fruity Fast Distortion

Fruity Fast Dist - general information

Fruity Fast LP

Fruity Fast LP - general information

Fruity Filter

Fruity Filter - general information

Fruity Flanger

Fruity Flanger - General Information

Fruity Flangus

Fruity Flangus - general information

Fruity Formula Controller

Fruity Formula Controller - general information

Fruity Free Filter

Fruity Free Filter - general information

Fruity Granulizer

Fruity Granulizer - general information

Fruity HTML Notebook

Fruity HTML Notebook - General Information

Fruity Keyboard Controller

Fruity Keyboard Controller - general information

Fruity Layer

Layer Settings - general information

Fruity Limiter

Fruity Limiter - general information

Fruity Love Philter

Fruity Love Philter - general information

Fruity Love Philter sounds different in Song Mode

Fruity LSD

Fruity LSD - general information

Fruity Multiband Compressor

Fruity Multiband Compressor - general information

Fruity Mute 2

Fruity Mute 2 - general information

Fruity NoteBook

Fruity NoteBook - General Information

Fruity PanOMatic

Fruity PanOMatic - general information

Fruity Parametric EQ

Fruity Parametric EQ - general information

Fruity Parametric EQ 2

Fruity Parametric EQ 2 - general information

Fruity Peak Controller

Fruity Peak Controller - general information

Fruity Phase Inverter

Fruity Phase Inverter - general information

Fruity Phaser

Fruity Phaser - general information

Fruity Reeverb

Fruity Reeverb - general information

Fruity Reeverb 2

Fruity Reeverb 2 - general information

Fruity Scratcher

Fruity Scratcher - general information

Fruity Send

Fruity Send - general information

Fruity Slicer

Fruity Slicer - general information

Fruity Soft Clipper

Fruity Soft Clipper - general information

Fruity Soundfont Player

SoundFont Player does not work

Fruity Soundfont Player - General Information

Fruity Spectroman

Fruity Spectroman - general information

Fruity Squeeze

Fruity Squeeze - general information

Fruity Stereo Enhancer

Fruity Stereo Enhancer - general information

Fruity Stereo Shaper

Fruity Stereo Shaper - general information

Fruity Video Player

Fruity Video Player - general information

Fruity Vocoder

Fruity Vocoder - General Information

Fruity WaveShaper

Fruity WaveShaper - general information

Fruity X-Y Controller

Fruity X-Y Controller - general information

Groove Machine

Groove Machine - general information

Groove Machine Mobile

I own the Android, iOS or Windows version of FL Studio Mobile. How can I get the others for free?

How do I download my Groove Machine Mobile purchase?

Is FL Studio Mobile become available on Windows Phone?

Will Groove Machine Mobile become available on Android or iOS phones?

Where to find FL Studio Groove for re-installation?

Groove Machine Synth

Groove Machine Synth (GMS) presets are missing

Groove Machine Synth (GMS) - general information

Gross Beat

Where do I find Gross Beat?

Gross Beat - general information

Hardcore Guitar Effects

Hardcore - general information


Harmless - general information


What are the items in the Harmor presets under tutorials and tips category?

Why is Harmor's Visual Feedback Blocking Harmor's UI?

Harmor - general information

How to ...

How to use the SNAP feature?

Dual screens or multiple monitors ...

How to reset FL Studio settings

How to record audio?

Can I add my vocal and guitar tracks to my songs?

How to avoid echo / feedback while recording ...

What is the LAME MP3 encoder you are using?

Can I use iTunes .m4a files in FL Studio (for Windows)

I don't see the Ogg Vorbis Audio CODEC in the list when I try to enable it

The loop points in the sample view

How to transfer my program to a new computer?

How to link a MIDI controller ...

Can I have multiple program instances running at the same time?

Is there a way to get 32nd note resolution without doubling the tempo?

Where is 'Repeat Step Sequencer' in FL Studio 12?

Remove trial plugins from FL Studio

A TS404 pattern won't play chords

Looped patterns cause the sound from sample channels to keep adding/layering

Where did my recorded events go ?

My plugin presets are missing!

How can I find my automated events?

Where (or what) are the internal controllers?

FL Studio audio input options are greyed out (Can't select an input device)

How do I load multiple MIDI tracks?

Change Plugin Database Structure After Installation

Change or Reset Plugin Database Structure After Installation

Is there score notation available?

Where to find samples from FL Studio 10 in FL Studio 11?

Can I use my midi controller in FL?

Where do I start to learn your program? Do you have video tutorials?

I can no longer right-click Automation Clip points

What are the default Piano Roll and Playlist colors?

Can't access pattern / MIDI data in project saved with trial plugin

How do you remove a background image from the Playlist?

Pro Tools doesn't detect FL Studio ReWire Client

Create songs in Fruity Edition using patterns.

IL Remote

IL Remote - general information

Image-Line Remote

I can't get FL Studio and Image-Line Remote connected.

Is Image-Line Remote available for Windows 8 Phone?

Can I connect via USB rather than Wi-Fi?


I have found a cracked / warez / stolen version of Image-Line software ...

how can I see if I have 'lifetime free updates'?

What about commercial use of the music produced with educational license program? In other words, can produced music be sold?

How can I become a power user?

When I upgrade, is the old reg key I have upgraded? Or do I obtain another reg key associated with another license?

I have an idea, suggestion or new feature for your software.

Mac OS X options

Where can I find your native macOS / OS X VST plugins?

Mac Version

Is FL Studio available for Mac - macOS ?

When is there an macOS / OS X official release? Progress Report

macOS/Mac OS X - Where can I buy FL Studio for Mac?

Is FL Studio already available for installation on my Mac?


Maximus - general information


FL Studio MIDI notes are recorded early

How to use MIDI over Bluetooth with FL Studio


How to record the sounds of my external keyboard into FL Studio?

MIDI Out - general information

MiniHost Modular

Can I make use of all my Waves plugins using the Minihost Modular?


MiniSynth - general information


What were Image-Line's main design goals in developing Morphine?

Where do I find the Morphine plugin?

Will Morphine be available in stores, or is it for sale strictly as a download?

What features do you feel set Morphine apart from the competition?

What other products do you see as the primary competition for Morphine?

What type(s) of musicians do you see as the primary market for Morphine?

What features of the synth are designed to appeal to those musicians?

'My Account' page

How do I get an Image-Line Account?

I lost my sign-in password. How can I get it back?

Where can I update my contact email address and other contact information?


I am not able to purchase Newtone.


Ogun - General Information

Ogun / Autogun

How to share presets between Ogun and Autogun


3x Osc. Fruity Granulizer, and Sampler don't work in Patcher

Patcher - general information

Payment options

Do you have Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Sale / Coupon promotions?

How do I use IL VCash / How to pay with IL Virtual Cash?

What payment options do you support?

Avangate "on-hold" or "pending" order.

Can I combine IL Virtual Cash and an other payment method?

Where can I find prices for programs and plugins?

Do you offer payment plans?

Why do I get forwarded to PayPal for Amex payments?

How long will it take to process my order?

How safe is online ordering?

I don't trust the internet (or Image-Line) enough to share my credit card details. Are there alternative payment options?

Can I combine discount / sale coupons in the Image-Line web shop?

Why do I see a yellow warning lable in the payment section of the shop?

Can I use Western Union Money transfer?

Payment Partners

How can I receive an invoice for my purchase?

Can I use different prepaid credit cards for my purchase?

Payment problems

My credit card was declined. However, now I see a charge on my credit card!

I tried to order on your webshop and my credit card was declined. Why?

I want to cancel a bank wire transfer order

How can I cancel 'unpaid' order tickets?

My payment stays in the status 'unpaid', 'discrepancy' or 'pending'.

I have a strange message on my credit card statement PB*www avg8 com is it from Image-Line?

My order status stays on 'paid' and does not go to 'completed'.

My payment at my online bank page shows as processed, but your site still says 'unpaid'.

I received a message that my payment was 'chargebacked'?

It isn't 12am yet, but your promotion already ended?

Piano Roll

Is Riff Machine included in FL Studio?


I am not able to purchase Pitcher.


Plucked! - General Information

Plugins ...

Problems with VST / AU Plugins in FL and Solutions (Wrapper Settings)

How to Restore Missing Plugins (Fruity Reeverb, Fruity Free Filter, etc.)

My plugins are in trial mode! Not all plugins are included in my software.

Can I use your plugins in an other DAW program?

What is the difference between an FL plugin and a VST plugin

Issues with Waves Plugins after installing Waves Central

Using the Razer Chroma plugin in FL Studio

Can I use Cakewalk-Sonar plugins in FL Studio / can I use Sonar in FL Studio?

Plugins not available for use in other DAW software?

I am unable to install Image-Line VST plugins on Pro Tools

Can I use your macOS / OS X plugins in Pro Tools?

Blank Plugin Thumbnails

Can't Rewire Reason 8 to FL Studio

What is the suggested retail price in $USD of extra plugin programs?

Slide Notes and Per Note Parameters on VST's

Flowstone programming language syntax / code reference

Can I use Single MIDI IN on multiple channels?

I can't find the Fruity Vibrator plugin

Z3ta+2 Browse Parameters Scrolling Issue

Plugin Wrapper

Plugin Wrapper - general information


Poizone installation - No FL Studio program location available

Poizone - general information


Can your software be installed on multiple computers?

Where can I get Nexus 2, Sylenth1, Kontakt, Massive?

Where do I find upgrade prices?

BOX - where to buy a BOXED copy?

If I lose my software key, registration or installer, how can I recover it?

How to buy FL Studio and know what you are getting?

Refund Policy

Where can I purchase FL Studio Merchandise?

Do you sell older FL Studio versions with discount?

Can I preview samples from your shop?


Registration: How to install and unlock FL Studio for all users of a computer? (e.g. in a school computer lab)

How do I unlock my software (FL Studio, VST plugins etc) using the FLRegkey.Reg file?

I don't have a registration number/key to type into the program.

Can I add the FLRegkey.Reg file to the Windows Registry manually?

Registration: How do I unlock macOS / Mac OS X VST and AU plugins?

How to register FL Studio on macOS / Mac OS X?

How to retrieve the serial number from your Boxed program version?

Error : "You appear to be a registered user, but your registration code is not valid anymore".

I want the real version, not the trial !

When I try to register my serial number I get the error 'This serial number is already registered by another customer.'

BOX version - registration, install and unlock procedure

I ordered XXL bundle / Signature bundle and I only got the Producer edition. Why?

I want to (re)register my program while it is still open to avoid loosing my current project.

How to know you have the correct FL Studio version registered?

Registration file does not work. FLRegkey File is called FLRegkey.efw

Error "File in use by other program" when running flregkey.reg registration file

Registration details: Which sign in do I use and where?

Warning message "Registration will expire". You need a new key ...

Alternative registration file download (popup isn't working)

Error message: "The registration failed"

Version 11: Registration Failure

Why am I being asked to register my boxed copy again?

My registration file opens as a text document in Notepad

Registration of FL Studio on macOS / OS X using WinOnX

Error message: Your regcode is OUTDATED, please install an UPDATED REGCORDE!

How can I register an older program?

Why is my order / registration status closed?


Registration: How to unlock or update FL Studio from the 'About' screen

I want to sell, give away or transfer my license ...

Do I need to register the trial version & how long does it work?

Razer free FL Studio Producer Edition license activation

Can I add my Image-Line product registrations to an ilok?


Does FL Studio Rewire or VST support keyboard shortcuts?


Sakura - general information


Content: How to download content from version 12 onward (samples, loops, presets)?

How to download presets and samples to my offline music pc

Box - How to install extra samples in FL Studio box?

[403] Error: IP address is temporarily banned due to abuse! How do I fix this?


Sawer - general information

SimSynth Live

SimSynth Live - general information

Slayer 2 (Legacy product)

Where is Slayer2? (Legacy product)

Slayer2 doesn't load (Legacy product)


Slicex - general information


Soundgoodizer - general information

Speech Synthesizer

Speech synthesizer - general information


How to use Sytrus as a Subtractive synth ...

Toxic Biohazard

Can't Import Toxic III Patches and Banks into Toxic Biohazard

Toxic Biohazard - general information

Toxic III (Legacy product)

Toxic lll uninstall problems (Legacy product)

Where is Toxic lll? (Legacy product)


TS404 - general information

Uninstall software

Clean, remove, uninstall product registrations / FLRegkey (used on all our software).

How do I uninstall my program?

How do I remove (uninstall) an Image-Line application or plugin in macOS / OS X?


Vocodex - general information


WASP - general information

Wasp XT

WASP XT - general information

Wave Candy

How to detect chords in FL Studio?

Wave Candy - general information

Wave Traveller

Wave Traveller - general information

Website / Forum

External sign in system

I can't post on the forums! What should I do?

What is IL Virtual Cash (ILVCash)?

How to enable Javascript in your webbrowser?

SHA-256 checksum information

Report broken website link (or website related)

How to delete my Image-Line Account page?

How do I change my forum name?

Tried to download your software, but I am not able to!

Forum embedding : The 'embed' button ...

Where can I change my sign in email address or password?

Want to contact the management

Looking for a collaboration with Image-Line

Distribution related contact

Pre-order releated contact

How to add a birthday date to your 'my account' page?

FL Studio Recognized Trainer / Recognized Training Center

How do you become an Alpha or Beta tester?

How to receive the Image-Line newsletter?

Server message: Somebody (probably you?) tried unsuccessfully to sign into your "My Account"

Can I post a link to my tutorials on the forum?

Where to buy

How can I buy your software as a gift?

The Plugin Architecture

BOX version - how to upgrade?

I am a STUDENT, do you give student or academic discounts?

How do I upgrade my program?

Are there any differences between the student version and the full version?

Where can I buy the FL Studio bible?

BOX / CODES - How to use your 20 digit serial code to unlock products online?

Why are plugins I already own not removed from my Plugin Bundle purchase?

Do I get 'lifetime free updates' on plug-ins? On the Signature bundle?

BOX - FL Studio boxed versus download, what is included and what is the difference?

Image-Line software on Ebay / Craigslist / Auction sites

Can Owners of the student version buy or download free updates, plugins and modules?

Will my 'lifetime free updates' stay active if I upgrade to a higher FL Edition?

Is the producer in the educational / academic program the owner of the music's licences?

Why do you ask my postal address at purchase?

How to purchase IL Virtual Cash?

Can I receive an installer on CD for my purchased application?

ZGameEditor Visualizer

ZGameEditor Visualizer - general information