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FL Studio Mobile is an App designed to run on Android (2.3.3 and up) AND iOS devices including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. For Android there is one universal app. For iOS there are two versions:
  • FL Studio Mobile HD (universal app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad). We recommend this version!
  • FL Studio Mobile (for iPod touch & iPhone Models including Retina display support)
FL Studio mobile allows you to produce complete multi-track sequences on your Android OR iOS device. It is also designed to be a great mobile companion to FL Studio (Windows). Projects can be saved from FL Studio Mobile and loaded into FL Studio and taken to the next level in this professional music production environment. 

You can learn more about FL Studio mobile here: www.flstudiomobile.com
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The complete Video Tutorial series is here

How do I load FL Studio Mobile projects in FL Studio for Windows?
2014/02/11, viewed 27129 times
In order to load FL Studio projects (.flm) into FL Studio for Windows, you will need to do the following:

1. Register your FL Studio Mobile installation from your device. See here for details.

2. Install the latest FL Studio version (You need FL Studio 11 or later).

3. Download the additional content for FL Studio (Windows version) from the Content Library in FL Studio OR your MY ACCOUNT page as shown below.

Content Library in FL Studio (for Windows)
The Content Library

OR you can use your Account Page

MY ACCOUNT additional content location

If you downloaded from your MY ACCOUNT, then unzip the files anywhere the FL Studio Browser can see it OR in ..:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT\Documents\Image-Line\Data\FL Mobile. This way it will be seen as downloaded by the Content Library.

4. Sync your iOS device to iTunes and copy (drag and drop) your FL Studio Mobile projects (.flm) to a folder on your Windows installation and preferably also visible from the FL Studio Browser.

Export your .flm projects to your Windows folders.

5. Drag the .flm project from the FL Studio Browser (or Windows folder) and drop on the FL Studio desktop and the project will be imported. See a video here on how to add new folders to the Browser.

Drop .flm projects on the FL Studio desktop to import

The online manual explains the process here. However here are some notes for you:

1. .zip files exported from FL Studio Mobile will also contain any custom instruments and audio files. Image-Line factory instruments are not included in the .zip and need to be downloaded through the Download & Library manager. 

2. To open FL Studio Mobile .zip projects directly in FL Studio for Windows, prior to 11.0.5, you will need to extract the .zip contents to a browser visible location before the project will load. After 11.0.5 you can load the .zip file as is.



How do I load FL Studio Mobile projects in FL Studio for Windows?
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