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FL Studio Mobile is an App designed to run on Android (2.3.3 and up) AND iOS devices including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. For Android there is one universal app. For iOS there are two versions:
  • FL Studio Mobile HD (universal app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad). We recommend this version!
  • FL Studio Mobile (for iPod touch & iPhone Models including Retina display support)
FL Studio mobile allows you to produce complete multi-track sequences on your Android OR iOS device. It is also designed to be a great mobile companion to FL Studio (Windows). Projects can be saved from FL Studio Mobile and loaded into FL Studio and taken to the next level in this professional music production environment. 

You can learn more about FL Studio mobile here: www.flstudiomobile.com
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The complete Video Tutorial series is here

How do I create my own FL Studio Mobile instruments?
2014/01/20, viewed 15561 times
This topic is discussed in the manual here and in this .zip file method video and this FPC .instr export video.


This thread in the FL Studio Mobile forum has 100's of free (.zip & .instr) format instruments.


Custom instrument .zip * .instr IMPORT capability was added from FL Studio Mobile version 1.1 onward

See this page in the manual.

Once you HAVE added instruments you can get the *.instr files from your device (for sharing) by selecting the My Instruments folder in iTunes and clicking 'Save to...' and send to a location on your computer. The My Instrument folder is auto-created on first install of an instrument (double tap a .zip or .instr file).


.instr EXPORT capability was added to FPC and DirectWave to support FL Studio Mobile.

FPC .instr export (new FPC version available from here):

DirectWave .instr export (new DirectWave version available from here):


How do I create my own FL Studio Mobile instruments?
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