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This article lists VST plugins with known problems in FL Studio, and the solution (if possible).

The list is not complete, but we add toublesome plugins as we find them. If you have a plugin that you fixed a problem for, not listed here, please report it in the Technical Support Forum. Just let us know to add it to the Knowledge Base.

If you are having trouble with a plugin and the solution is not here there is a section in the Manual - Plugins behaving badly that has tips on trouble-shooting plugins.

First, always start by downloading the latest version of the plugin from the developer and the latest version of FL Studio available to you.

Plugins with known problems in FL Studio are...

Audio Damage Axon

Problem: the plugin's mixer doesn't seem to have any effect on the sound.
Cause: each plugin voice is also sent to a separate output, so the full sound is heard regardless of the mixer's settings.
Solution: turn off "Process inactive inputs and outputs" and disable the extra plugin outputs.


Turn on "Notify about rendering mode".

Chorus CH-2

Problem: no sound and the audio monitor shows a single line at the extreme left or right
Solution: switch on "Use fixed size buffers" option in the wrapper (you'll have to reset/reload the plugin for it to take effect)

East West

Problem: strange noises and glitches while being played.
Solution: turn on "Use fixed size buffers" option in the wrapper


Emulator X3
Problem: crashes or produces no sound

Solution 1:
Turn off "Ultra-High Precision Interpolation" in Emulator X3

Solution 2:
Copy the following files into both the Windows\System32 and Windows\SysWOW64 folders:
- EmulatorXVSTi_lib.dll, found in Program Files (x86)\Creative Professional\Emulator X
- EmulatorXVSTi_lib64.dll, found in Program Files\Creative Professional\Emulator X



When using multiple instances of fabfilter plugins you may get CPU overload and  lockups caused by graphics acceleration. See how to disable graphics acceleration.  According to FabFilter their use of OpenGL hardware acceleration doesn't work well with some graphics card drivers.


Hypersonic 2

Problem: the DXi version of this plugin doesn't work very well in FL Studio
Solution: use the VSTi version (from Channel > Add one > More, scroll down to the VST section)



Problem: noise artifacts that happen more often at higher tempo

Solution: turn on "Align tick lengths" in FL's audio settings window

Problem: Experiencing clicks, pops, and CPU spikes within Kontakt.
Solution: Enable 'Use fixed size buffers' in "Wrapper Settings > Processing".

Problem: 'OrangeTreeSamples Passion Flute' library doesn't output audio after using FL Studio transport controls.
Solution: Disable 'Reset plugins on transport' in "Options > Audio Settings".

Melodyne editor

Problem: playback position isn't correct in some cases
Solution: switch off the option "Send loop position" in the wrapper
Note: this workaround is not necessary in FL Studio FL 9.0.3 or higher

MOTU Symphonic Instrument

Problem: high cpu usage
Solution: turn on "Use fixed size buffers" option in the wrapper

Nexus with expansions

Problem: crashes
Solution: turn on "Use fixed size buffers" option in the wrapper

Nexus 2

Problem: sound spikes after a while
Solution: either turn off "export with 'ultra' quality" in Nexus or turn off "Ensure processor state in plugin callback" option in the wrapper


Problem: sound glitches on some presets
Solution: turn on "Use fixed size buffers" option in the wrapper


Play 64 Bit

Problem: projects crashing
Solution: turn OFF 'Reset plugins on transport'


Reason (through ReWire)

Problem: Reason fails to load with one of these error messages...
- "Reason engine unable to open. Please check your Rewire host"
- "Could not connect to the Reason engine. The Reason engine is already in use"
Solution: disable "Auto close device" in FL's audio settings window

rcg:audio sfz

Problem: memory errors 'Out Of Memory'
Solution: From the sfz's own options (not FL Studio wrapper) set the mode from SF32 to PR32. sfz has a memory bug that sometimes appears in SF32 mode.

Reflektor (Native Instruments)

Problem: Buzzes/Crackles/Noises
Solution: Switch on "Align tick lengths" option in the F10 Audio settings.

Problem: Serum crashing FL Studio when added or used within a project, caused by a suspected VST GUI/Direct2D conflict.
Solution: Uninstall AMD Raptr software, 

Slate Digital plugins

Problem: No sound
Solution: Activate "Process inactive inputs and outputs" in the wrapper options.
Video: Youtube

Problem: Spire not working properly in FL Studio, freezing and crashing.
Solution: Use the recommended settings provided by Reveal Sound in 'Note For FL Studio Users!'.

SynthEdit made plugins

Problem: Audio glitches and stuttering. Possible crashes.
Solution: Turn off "Allow threaded processing". 


Waves Plugins

See here.

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