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This page is for Mac OS X plugins only

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Click here for FL Studio for Native OS X (ALPHA) instructions



This procedure assumes that you already have registered and have an Image-Line Account and you have downloaded and installed the relevant product/s. This procedure will unlock ALL your products with one FLRegkey.Reg file. When you buy additional products you will need to repeat this process. 

Manual installation

If your browser doesn't ask where to save the file, please follow these additional steps once the file has been downloaded:

  1. Locate the FLRegKey.reg on your harddisk in Finder. By default, most applications download to the Desktop.
  2. Open a new Finder window and open the folder Library/Preferences/Image-Line in your user folder. For example, if your user in MacOS X is called "Steve", then save the file here: /Users/Steve/Library/Preferences/Image-Line
  3. Drag the file FLRegKey.reg to the "Image-Line" folder

How do I navigate to the Preferences folder in Mac OS 10.7 and higher?

In Mac OS 10.7 or 10.8 the Library folder is not displayed in the Finder anymore. To navigate to the Preferences folder please follow these steps:

  •     Open the Finder
  •     Go to the Menu Bar and open the "Go" menu.
  •     Select the entry: "Go to Folder..."
  •     Enter the path of the Preferences Folder: ~/Library/Preferences

Tip: You can display the Library folder if you press the ALT-Key while in the "Go" menu.

For MAC users (Toxic III plugin only)

  1. Sign in to your online 'my account' page
  2. Click the tab 'My Licenses ' on the left hand side of this page
  3. Click on the product link (indicated in orange) to open the drop-down box and to see download and installation instructions.
  4. Follow the registration instructions after "Mac users :"
  5. Click the link "Click here for your serial number." to see your OSX registration serial number.
  6. Copy/paste your MAC serial number in your software:

    - click on the Toxic III name/logo to open the about page
    - enter the serial number in the serial number edit box
    - click the button to complete the registration
ALSO IMPORTANT please note that not ALL plugins are unlocked with the version you have ordered. Please check our detailed comparison list to see which plugins are included in the version you ordered using this feature comparison page.

The FL studio Support Team.