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Our FL Cloud Sounds fair use policy


FL Cloud users may experience a slowdown of the download rate from the FL Cloud Sounds service if they exceed fair and reasonable usage in comparison to the majority of the users. This is to ensure an equitable performance experience for all.


Why do we do this?


Server infrastructure is finite, and it is shared with all other FL Studio customers. This system allows us to prevent server outages or customer-wide slowdowns due to overloads. 


What is "fair and reasonable usage"?


Our system compares the download rates of individuals to the distribution of all users on the network. If your downloads far exceed what we expect to see based on that data, we may reduce the maximum number of downloads you can make in an hour.


We define fair and reasonable usage by two independent metrics:

  • Exceeding daily average downloads by 10x
  • Downloading more than 100 sounds per hour


Exceeding these metrics, individually or in combination, is considered outside fair and reasonable usage. Persistent breach of either of these limits could result in your account being restricted or blocked.


What happens if fair-use provisions are triggered?


Before the system acts FL Cloud users will get a friendly reminder, as a pop-up in the Sounds Tab in FL Studio, that downloads are excessive. If downloads continue at a high rate, a slowdown may be applied. Users will see a pop-up message, in the Sounds Tab, that a slow-down is in effect. 


When the users download rate falls back to normal, over a period of time, the system will automatically remove any download restrictions. Downloads should not completely stop unless we detect fraudulent activity or the user account is involved in something that violates our  Terms of Use.


NOTE: Slow-downs, applied to all users, may also apply at times of site-wide heavy usage. While we will always try to avoid this by deploying additional resources, the nature of streaming content to an unpredictable load, means it's possible our servers become overloaded. For example, when COVID restrictions were put in place, entire national populations were suddenly at home using streaming services. Similarly server infrastructure may experience unforseen breakdowns. In either case, these should be exceptions to normal service.


What sounds do I have access to?


  • Subscriptions (monthly & yearly) -  Total access to the entire sounds library, under the conditions above.
  • Credit Packs - The entire sounds library. You can download any sounds you want, to a limit of 100 per credit-pack.  


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