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Please follow the step-by-step guide relevant to your product or operating system below (this assumes you already have an Image Line Account ):

Make sure to complete all steps carefully 


Where do I get the full installer, all I see on your downloads page are trial installers?
The trial installers are also the full installers.
NOTE: If you are using FL Studio DO NOT download and install plugins separately. The FL Studio installer contains native format versions of ALL plugins. VST/AU format plugins are for use in other hosts/DAWs only.  
Can I use my product on more than one computer?
Yes you can. We allow you to install and use our software on the computers you use (typically this may be 2-3 computers around home and one at work). All we ask is that YOU are the only user of the software. It is not to be installed where others can use it while you are not present. 
Can I use the registration key on a computer not connected to the Internet?
Yes you can, just download and save the Installer and FLRegkey.reg license to a portable memory device and copy these onto the non-connected computer. Then, follow the unlock instructions above.
Why do I need to confirm my email?
We do this because your Image-Line Account manages your license. If your email is not working, you may lose access to your products. If you are having problems, please create a support ticket . Verify your email by clicking a link in an email sent to you from our server. If you are not receiving our emails, please check your email spam settings and add our domain to the list of trusted domains. 
Can I share my license?
No (you agreed to that in the End User License Agreement - Section 6). It's also a particularly BAD idea. Your friends have friends, they have best friends, their friends have friends. Very soon, your license will be shared all over the internet and 10,000's of people will be trying to install it. When we see this happening your license will be revoked.
The Image Line Support Team.